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This searchable database will provide information on the many programs, services, practices, events, tools, and documents that colleges are implementing to address mental health intervention and prevention services for students. The "California Community College Programs, Practices, and Policies Online Searchable Database" will assist colleges in discovering what their colleagues across the community college system are doing to promote student mental health on campus. The purpose of this product is to provide an easy, sustainable way for colleges to share programs, policies, and practices, and to see at a glance which colleges are implementing certain strategies.

If you are willing to allow us to share these resources in the public domain please complete the brief form. Each individual resource submission can consist of one document, or a small collection of multiple but related documents. If you have additional separate resources you would like to share, please use this form multiple times.

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By Topic:*
Behavioral intervention/Assessment teams
Behavior management (distressed and disruptive students)
Clinical intern program
Clinical services
County mental health partnership
Community partnerships
Culturally and linguistically appropriate services
Curriculum for peers or faculty/staff
Data collection and management
Gatekeeper training
Needs assessment
Mental Health 101
Peer-to-peer support
Referral practices
Student mental wellness
Screening for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicide, etc.
Stigma reduction
Stress/conflict management
Suicide prevention
Threat assessment/Crisis
Trauma informed care
Wellness center
Wrap-around services
If Other, please specify:
By Population:
First-generation students
Formerly incarcerated
General student population
International students
Limited English Proficient (LEP) students
Low income students
Racial/ethnic minority
Students with disabilities
Transitional age youth (16-24)
Youth in foster care (FC) or formerly in FC
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Clinical staff
Community partners
Student leaders
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Resources approved for inclusion will require approval from the source agency prior to posting the materials online. Proper acknowledgement of the source will also be included with all materials approved for inclusion. By submitting this resource, you are providing permission to post this document as part of the CA Community College Programs, Practices, and Policies Online Searchable Database.
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