Regional Strategizing Forum

Campus Based Grants will convene Student Mental Health Regional Strategizing Forums periodically to address topics concerning the mental health needs of the overall student population, with particular focus on high‐risk student populations, such as student veterans, minorities, LGBTQ, and other underserved segments of the student population; and to address the complexities of regional mental health gaps in services, and develop resolutions and strategies to alleviate these gaps.

The primary focus of the Regional Strategizing Forums is to increase dialogue and foster relationships between relevant community mental health resources and partners, and to share best practices, models, and strategies with campuses that share geographic proximity and do not receive grant funding.

Suggested forum participants should include campus health and mental health providers, county and community mental health, campus safety, counseling, disabled students programs and services(DSPS), CSU and UC campuses, as well as and stakeholders including students and individuals with lived experience.

Event Templates

The following is a collection of document templates you may find helpful when planning your RSF:


Overview information and available data collection component downloads can be found on the Evaluation page.

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