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In October, 2011 the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) was awarded $6.9 million by the California Mental Health Service Authority (CalMHSA). This funding is being utilized through the California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program (CCC SMHP), and is intended to focus on prevention and early intervention strategies which address the mental health needs of students and advance the collaboration between educational settings, county services, and the community at large which should form the foundation of future CalMHSA programs.

The CCC SMHP is a partnership between the CCCCO and the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC). There are four main components of the CCC SMHP:

At-Risk Suicide Prevention Online Trainings

To see if Kognito courses are available on your campus, please visit http://kognito.com/ccc.

New! Back to School Boot Camp: Get Prepared to Start the Fall Semester off Right

Easy and effective ways to engage your faculty, staff and students in gatekeeper training, as well as exciting updates and additions to "Spread the Word" resources. You may access a recording of the webinar by clicking here, and a copy of the slides is available by clicking here.

Kognito provides a Discussion Guide for the At-Risk for Faculty & Staff program to help encourage post-course conversation. Download it here. A variety of resources are also available to help spread the word about the Kognito programs, including PowerPoint presentations that are great for introducing faculty and staff to the programs. Access these tools under Tips & Resources for Schools on the Kognito website.

CA Community College Programs, Practices, and Policies Database promo

This searchable database will provide information on the many programs, services, practices, events, tools, and documents that colleges are implementing to address mental health intervention and prevention services for students.

View Database Submit Resources

New! Foundation for California Community Colleges Healthy Transitions Curriculum

Healthy Transitions curriculum is aimed at providing training and peer-to-peer support for transitioning foster care youth related to wellness and self-care. Through a combination of training and peer-to-peer support, Healthy Transitions serves to support these young people physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

If you would like to be receive regular updates, please email kdecelle@cars-rp.org, to be added to the CCC SMHP monthly newsletter.

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