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CCC SMHP is a statewide student mental health program being implemented within the California community colleges. CCC SMHP is one of several Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) initiatives funded by the voter-approved Mental Health Services Act (Prop. 63) and implemented by the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA). CalMHSA is an organization of California counties working to improve mental health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. CCC SMHP is based on three strategic directions targeting faculty, staff, and students in all 113 California community colleges.

  1. Broadly market and disseminate Each Mind Matters (EMM) resources and tools.
  2. Provide training and technical assistance to increase local adoption and promotion of existing and customized EMM tools and resources.
  3. Leverage existing regional networks to increase college and partner engagement in CCC SMHP and EMM efforts.

CCC SMHP is a partnership between the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) and the Foundation for Community Colleges (Foundation).

County Profiles:

New! County Profile PDFs Now Available

The California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program (CCC SMHP) for the Health Services Association - California Community Colleges (HSACCC) has created these interactive County Profiles to provide an individualized snapshot of prevention and early intervention resources that are available to your faculty, staff, and students. Read more about what's included in the Profile and how this tool can be used to support mental health efforts in your county.

Upcoming Events:

New! Health Services Association of California Community Colleges (HSACCC) 2017 Annual Conference
San Diego, CA
February 22-24, 2017

The 2017 HSACCC Annual State Conference will be held at the Marriott in Mission Valley, San Diego. The conference is scheduled for February 22nd through the 24th with vendor day on Thursday, February 23rd. This year's theme will focus on Wellness: A Journey to Success.

Download Brochure with Registration Information


New! Each Mind Matters Program & Resource Catalogue

Developed by Each Mind Matters, this collection of programs and resources was developed through Prevention and Early Intervention Initiatives of CalMHSA, funded by counties through Prop 63 (MHSA). Users can search by keyword, targe audience, program type, and general topic.

New! Video from CalMHSA

A new video has been released from CalMHSA, providing an overview on statewide prevention and early intervention projects.

Watch now

New Resource – Promoting Student Mental Health: A Guide for UC Faculty and Staff
The University of California (UC) has developed a new mental health handbook that provides in-depth information about mental health and examines the role faculty and staff can play in providing a supportive academic environment and assisting students who may be in distress. The guide includes examples of what to say when approaching a student, outlines common mental health concerns, explores how culture impacts mental wellness, and offers instructional tips and classroom strategies for how faculty and staff can avoid causing undue stress.
Spotlight on: Ohlone College
Ohlone College developed a brief, animated video called Welcome to STEP Up Ohlone!! to introduce the work of their STEP Up (Students Together in Education Prevention) program. The STEP Up Ohlone program aims to bolster interconnectedness on campus, prevent suicides, and de-stigmatize the seeking of mental health services at Ohlone College.
Infographic: Students of Color Feel Less Emotionally Prepared for College
The Jed Foundation and the Steve Fund have released survey data demonstrating the critical need for mental health supports for students of color. They will develop comprehensive guidelines to promote mental health, reduce stigma, and prevent suicide among this population.


Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

In partnership with the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP), and Riverside Community College District, CCC SMHP has tailored five PSAs to focus on the mental health needs of CCC students. The Supporting Student Veterans PSA was originally created by The Jed Foundation and mtvU, the Work in Progress PSA was originally created by Riverside Community College District and Brink Films, and all other PSAs were originally developed by UCOP.

Customizable PSAs are now available for download! You can now customize the PSAs to include your campus branding and local resources, such as the phone number for your health center, a link to your campus mental health resource page, or contact info for your campus mental health clubs.

Campuses are encouraged to feature the PSAs on their websites, share the PSAs through their social media pages and newsletters, and show the PSAs at campus events.

CA Community College Programs, Practices, and Policies Database promo

This searchable database will provide information on the many programs, services, practices, events, tools, and documents that colleges are implementing to address mental health intervention and prevention services for students.

View Database Submit Resources

Foundation for California Community Colleges Healthy Transitions Curriculum

Healthy Transitions curriculum is aimed at providing training and peer-to-peer support for transitioning foster care youth related to wellness and self-care. Through a combination of training and peer-to-peer support, Healthy Transitions serves to support these young people physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

If you would like to receive regular updates, please email kdecelle@cars-rp.org, to be added to the CCC SMHP monthly newsletter.

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At-Risk Suicide Prevention
Online Trainings

At-Risk Suicide Prevention Online Trainings

At-Risk is an online interactive gatekeeper training that uses virtual students and role-playing simulations to prepare learners to recognize when a student is exhibiting signs of psychological distress, and manage a conversation with the student with the goal of connecting them with the appropriate support service.

To see if Kognito courses are available on your campus, please visit https://ccc.kognito.com.

The Directing Change Program & Film Contest, which is part of Each Mind Matters: California's Mental Health Movement, is offering a unique opportunity for California's community college students to participate in the movement. The Directing Change Film Contest invites students to create 60-second films about suicide prevention and mental health that are used to support awareness, education, and advocacy efforts on these topics.

Do you believe that each mind matters?

Funded by CalMHSA, this program offers cost-free technical assistance to increase local adoption and promotion of existing and customized EMM tools and resources to the CCC campuses.

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