The appropriate resources can make your work easier by translating research findings and evidence-based approaches into concrete tips and strategies for application in real-world campus settings. This page is a growing collection of relevant resources and tools to support campuses in planning and implementing effective student mental health services.

New! Basic Needs Resources for the CCCs

Basic Needs Summary Report: In Fall 2017, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) conducted a survey of the CCC system to learn what supports are available to help with students’ basic needs, such as food and housing. Survey respondents provided information about campus web-based resources, best practices, and liaisons. [PDF 5.7 KB]

We have extracted some of the survey responses to create resources highlighting campus basic needs webpages, basic needs best practices, and directories of Homeless Youth Liaisons and Foster Youth Success Initiative Liaisons. These exciting new resources are designed to help the CCCs share best practices, collaborate with one another, and develop innovative solutions.

Campus Basic Needs Webpages: Survey participants provided links to pages on their campus website that can help students access food, housing, and essentials such as textbooks. The webpages are sortable by college or category (e.g., Health and Wellness). [EXCEL 30 KB]
Basic Needs Best Practices: Survey participants described best practices from their college or other CCCs for supporting students’ basic needs. Answers are de-identified for respondent anonymity. [EXCEL 23 KB]
Homeless Youth Liaisons Directory: Survey participants gave the names and contact information of their campus Homeless Youth Liaison(s), whose role is to help students experiencing homelessness access financial aid and other resources. [EXCEL 39 KB]
Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI) Liaisons Directory: Each of the CCCs has at least one FYSI Liaison to support students transitioning from foster care. This CCCCO webpage provides a listing of all FYSI Liaisons. (Note: this resource was not generated from the basic needs survey data.)

For more information about basic needs strategies in the CCCs, read Meeting Basic Needs to Support Students' Mental Health and Success. [PDF 1.3 MB]

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

In partnership with the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP), CCC SMHP has adapted four Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Originally developed by UCOP, the new PSAs have been tailored to focus on the mental health needs of California Community College (CCC) students.

All CCC campuses are invited to present and share these PSAs in order to promote student mental health awareness and prevention. The PSAs are available for you to download, feature on your campus website, and disseminate through your campus social media pages and newsletters.

The California Community Colleges' Student Mental Health Program (CCC SMHP) is excited to bring colleges including the CSU and UC campuses a new online tool that will facilitate the sharing of best practices in successfully promoting student mental health on college campuses. This searchable database will provide information on the many programs, services, practices, events, tools, and documents that colleges are implementing to address mental health intervention and prevention services for students.

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Relevant Websites & Resources

The Relevant Websites & Resources section includes a listing of other relevant national and statewide efforts.

CCC SMHP Publications

This section is dedicated to publications that have been developed specifically for the California community college system through the CCC SMHP initiative. They are designed to offer an overview of topics that are frequently the subject of technical assistance inquiries and are available at no-cost for download or printing.

CCC SMHP Training Materials

This section includes an archive of presentation and training materials developed over the course of the CCC SMHP initiative. Users will find PowerPoint presentations, training videos, etc., to use on your campus.


This section includes webinars that have already been offered as part of the CCC SMHP TTA Project. These webinars have been recorded and are available to be viewed online at any time.

To view an archived webinar, click here. To view a full list of upcoming webinars, click here.


This section includes an archive of monthly newsletters developed over the course of the CCC SMHP initiative. The newsletters highlight specific topics relevant to student mental health and include a college "win of the month," resources, and other events.

[View available newsletters]


This section includes marketing materials for campus based grantees, such as the CalMHSA marketing and style guides, CCC SMHP initiative logos, and other general marketing resources for colleges.
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New! County Profiles

The California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program (CCC SMHP) for the Health Services Association - California Community Colleges (HSACCC) has created these County Profiles to provide an individualized snapshot of prevention and early intervention resources that are available to your faculty, staff, and students.
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What's included in the one-page County Profiles?

  • Data on CCC student mental health
  • Contact information for County mental health services for young adults
  • Campus events and trainings
  • Links to relevant CCC SMHP resources

How can the County Profiles be used?

We hope you will use the County Profiles as a tool in your ongoing mental health promotion, prevention, and awareness efforts! The County Profiles are interactive electronic documents that links users to online resources. We encourage you to:

  • Disseminate your County Profile to CCC students, staff, and faculty
  • Post it on your campus websites, mental health services webpages, and social media pages
  • Distribute this resource to wider networks, such as your county mental health and community-based partners
  • Share your County Profile with the media when promoting campus mental health efforts and services

You can utilize the following download links:

Campus Based Grants

Sharing any resources developed under the SMHP Campus Based grant objectives offer further lessons regarding the benefits, challenges, and opportunities available to colleges that endeavor to improve their overall efforts to address the mental health needs of students. Resources here focus on specific grant implementation activities that can be replicated by other campuses.

Campus Based Grantee Convening (April 2013)

This annual meeting was a learning forum style, that provided opportunities for campus based grantees to share successes, challenges, and lessons learned. Click here for conference materials.
View CCC SMHP Campus Based Grantee Convening Materials

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