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The "Online Searchable Database" will assist colleges including the CSU and UC campuses in discovering what their colleagues across the community college system are doing to promote student mental health on campus. The purpose of this product is to provide an easy, sustainable way for colleges to share programs, policies and practices, and to see at a glance which colleges are implementing certain strategies. It will be housed on the CCC SMHP website. This resource will be useful to college administrators, faculty, student health personnel, campus security, student/peer supporters, community based organizations, parents and others with potential involvement in implementing student mental health strategies.

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Behavioral intervention/Assessment teams
Behavior management (distressed and disruptive students)
Clinical intern program
Clinical services
Community partnerships
County mental health partnership
Culturally and linguistically appropriate services
Curriculum for peers or faculty/staff
Data collection and management
Gatekeeper training
Mental Health 101
Needs assessment
Peer-to-peer support
Referral practices
Screening for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicide, etc.
Stigma reduction
Stress/conflict management
Student mental wellness
Suicide prevention
Threat assessment/Crisis
Trauma informed care
Wellness center
Wrap-around services

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First-generation students
Formerly incarcerated
General student population
International students
Limited English Proficient (LEP) students
Low income students
Racial/ethnic minority
Students with disabilities
Transitional age youth (16-24)
Youth in foster care (FC) or formerly in FC

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Clinical staff
Community partners
Student leaders
The search results are currently a work in progress, and may not reflect all possible resources offered by all CA community colleges.
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