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Increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of mental health services for veterans is a key part of the Student Mental Health Program. A half-day Welcome Home seminar on creating a climate of wellness for returning veterans attending community colleges in California is now available through the CCC SMHP TTA Project. The seminar is beneficial for faculty, staff, administrators, and students, and will be made available upon request to qualifying host campuses and marketed regionally. To receive more information about hosting and/or attending this half-day seminar at your campus, all community colleges are encouraged to attend this webinar.

Webinar participants receive information on how to host a half-day Welcome Home seminar on their campus. The discussion will address how to prepare for hosting the event including how to support student Veteran panelists. The webinar also provides a brief overview of the topics that will be covered at length in the half-day seminar, such as: understanding student veterans; how service experience impacts learning; common experiences, injuries, and coping patterns; and how to support a positive academic experience and help veterans achieve success in school.

For more information about the Welcome Home program, view the introductory webinar.

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